Nutrition Exam

Find out what your body is missing to optimize your health

Nutrition exam includes case history, food intolerance testing and System Strength Analysis muscle testing.

Food intolerance testing is based on the scientific-validated concept of vibrational energy. The practitioner places a glass vial of the potential allergen against the biocompatibility point on the patient while checking for weakness. If the stimulus is injurious, the resistance is attenuated.

System Strength Analysis is a form of muscle testing where the practitioner places their hand on a particular reflex point on the patient relating to a particular organ. Weak arm resistance signifies organ dysfunction. The practitioner then tests for the proper supplement to reinforce strength and return vitality to that organ.

Standard Process and MediHerb supplements are some of the highest quality supplements in the world. They offer whole food nutrient solutions without the use of pesticides, without genetic modification and with the preservation of nutrients to maximize effectiveness.

Genetically modified foods, processed and packaged foods and the Standard American Diet are just a few things that cause disarray in the human body. Even those who eat “healthy” still generally lack the proper quantities of vitamins, minerals and nutrients our bodies need due to nutrient-depleted soil on our farms.

Initial Nutrition Exam - $90

Follow-Up Exams - $50

 Additional supplement costs not included. Insurance not accepted. Cash rates listed above.